Open now!

I’m excited to announce that a curated compilation of my North Sea work is currently shown  as part of the shared exhibition SILVER LIGHT. I’m delighted to showcase my work together with three very impressive landscape photographers: ROMAN LORANC,BIRGIT MADDOX and ANGUS HAYWOOD. Roman was born in Poland and now lives for over 30 years in California’s Great Central Valley. Birgit was born in Bietigheim/Baden in Southern Germany. She now lives in Pacific Grove, California. Angus lives near the silver water of the open Chichester Harbour Nature Reserve, on the southern coast of England.

The four of us share a built-in enthusiasm for monochrome photography and the traditional, manual processes involved to arrive at the final print.


The new exhibition SILVER LIGHT is shown at the TAUNUS FOTO GALERIE in Bad Homburg, curated by the excellent David Mark, Owner and Director of TFG.